Building protection

With JABLOTRON alarms you benefit from our Overall Protection service
for 3 months free of charge!

The services provided by the JABLOTRON Security Center ensure the continuous and complete protection of your apartment, home or company premises.

Operators at our Center respond immediately to alarm signals, contact the building´s owner according to instructions agreed in advance, and send the Assistance Intervention Service Team to check the situation. Throughout the intervention they monitor the building under surveillance and cooperate closely with the intervention unit. The intervention unit is usually on site within 10 minutes.

Our services bring together a unique combination of top quality alarms, the most advanced Security Center in the Czech Republic and an extremely reliable Assistance Intervention Service.

How does the Security Center work?

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We will protect your home or company for the price of one cup of coffee a day!
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Life can be unpredictable.

Mgr. Lucie Jirmářová A lawyer

In the middle of an important meeting, I received an SMS informing me that the alarm had been set off. I did not have to hurry; I knew JABLOTRON had everything under control.

Mgr. Jiří Šanda A company owner

When I leave the company I am the last one to go home. I switch on the security system and feel secure in the knowledge that somebody is still working on my behalf to protect my interests.

Ing. Hana Kaprasová The woman from a couple

We relied on our neighbours, until they got robbed. We therefore entrusted our security to professionals. Now we have peace of mind.

We offer protection of your home or company
for the price of one cup of coffee a day!

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