Video distress

A unique service
ensuring the security of your employees

  • If an employee feels threatened, they can press the emergency button
  • The ARC operator evaluates the situation in the building
  • In the case of intrusion, the operator immediately informs the Police of the Czech Republic
  • The Police intervene with a precise description of the perpetrator
  • If no intrusion has occurred, the operator checks the situation in the building by telephone and the Police are not called out.

How does it work?


Ensuring the security of your employees!

Life can be unpredictable.

PROFIHOTOVOST s.r.o. Pawnshop Managing Director

Our pawnshop is often visited by people who suddenly find themselves in financial difficulties. This makes it hard to guess the real reasons for their visit. I feel a lot surer now that the situation in our shop can be quickly and effectively assessed by professionals on the basis of live video images from our cameras, and can be immediately sent to the Police of the Czech Republic if necessary.

ARMORUM s.r.o. Shop owner

A gun shop always attracts attention, and not always welcome attention. This is why it is important for me to know that my employees can use the Video distress service to contact an Alarm Receiving Centre operator if they feel threatened. The operator then monitors the situation in the shop via the cameras and, if necessary, will immediately inform the Police of the Czech Republic and send out an intervention service to assist.

We offer protection for your employees and property via camera system

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