Video verification

Greater building security

  • Instant view of alarm incidents
  • Ability to check video recording before an alarm incident
  • The Police of the Czech Republic are informed of any incidents that arise

How does it work?


Greater security for your home or firm

Life can be unpredictable.

Stanislav Mrázek The house owner

I have long wondered how to increase the security of our family. I recently bought a camera system and Videoverification service that perfectly meet my requirements. Now I'm sure that if disruption of our home occurs, the ARC operator can immediately inform the police.

SRBA SERVIS s.r.o. Car showroom owner

In our showroom we sell world-renowned car brands, so we dare not underestimate security. Thanks to video verification the ARC operator can verify the cause of any alarms, coordinate the entire operation and prevent any greater damage to the property.

František Novotný The apartment owner

In our apartment building we had to repeatedly solve the problem of bicycle theft. Thanks to Videoverification I'm much calmer now.  Since the violent intrusion into the cellar operators can watch our video footage and inform the police. Moreover, I now have personal viewing and control from my smart phone.

We offer protection of your home or firm and verify every alarm via our camera system

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